5 Things You Can Do to Make the World A Little Brighter

It's been 5 years since we held Dad's hand while that a-hole cancer took him away.

In honor of him and of my mom, here's 5 truths (out of many more than 5) that he and mom showed us to be important.  5 Things that can make your life, and the lives of others just a little better! 

 . . .shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel.
You’ll feel better right away.
Don’t take much to do, sell you pride.
They say in every life, they say the rain must fall, just like pouring rain, make it rain.
Make it rain, love, love, love is sunshine, oh yes,
Make it rain, love, love, love is sunshine.
— James Taylor - "Shower the People"
  1. Let's start with lyrics. . . one of his favorites that I think of often is "Shower the People" by James Taylor: 

So . . ..  Do it! Tell people how you feel - MAKE IT RAIN LOVE . . . that's what we need!

Listen Here:  Shower The People

2. Give benefit of the doubt!  Need I say more? 

3. Treat people- no matter their position/job - with respect. (okay, so there are bad people, but we're talking every day life here)

4. Show up & Support.  Go to your family events, your friend events (friends can be family after all).

Go to parties, games, plays,etc. etc. etc. any time you are able.   You will likely NOT regret the time, the drive, the being there . . . more likely to regret choosing to stay home.  

Along this same line - buy the girlscout cookies if you can, get the wrapping paper, or the tickets to the raffle.  For example. . . I love the neckace you see in this post.  It has my dad's initial, his birthstone and a heart - it makes me think of him.  I got one for my mom too - he loved giving her (and me) jewelry.  BUT it's also significant because I ordered it from my cousin.  He would have 100% supported her too.  

5. You have to take a TON of pictures to get a couple good ones. This is true people!!!