Top 10 Things People Say When You Have an Extra-Large Dog in a Big City

Bringing Home Brucey! 

It's Bruceiversary time!!!! One year ago he came home with us to become #SirBruceofChicago!

He still does a double take – or a double bark – at some “city” things - You should have SEEN the EPIC freak-out when the window-washer appeared out of thin air - but overall I think he loves the attention he gets on the street and all the dog park action. 

He has stopped pooping mid-intersection (PHEW!), but he still barks and lunges at most pigeons – the sweet satisfaction of making them scatter/fly away is too good to "get over" even after a year.

Luckily, things on wheels are “all good” with him – unless it’s a skateboard – AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! We have to watch vigilantly  for those because he loses his MIND when he sees one in action!  

As you can imagine, having a 130+ pound dog in the city gets a lot of attention and passers-by feel free to comment openly when we are out on walks.   We even had someone go around the block to catch up with us in a place where she could jump out of the car to talk to Bruce!  

Here are the Top 10 Things People SayAbout Our Extra-Large Big City Dog:

1.  “That’s a Big Dog!” (*sub huge, giant, etc. for Big, or “big boy” or whatever)

We hear this sometimes multiple times a day - sometimes yelled from a block away.  It's possibly the most annoying (Depending on my mood).  It kind of makes the sarcasm-monster want to jump out -  “OMG!!! Where’s the teacup Yorkie I left home with today?!?!?   I had no idea there was a big dog on the end of this leash”  or something to that effect.  . ..I could walk around with “Thanks Captain Obvious” buttons to give everyone who points out his size to me! 

2.  “HOOCH!!!!” (usually screamed from across the street)

Well, no, but . . . thanks for playing.  Hooch was all brown and had a “Squishy face” as I like to call them.  He was a French Mastiff if you’re curious. . . .but, big, so I guess that’s the same.    

3.  “BEETHOVEN!!!”  OR “Where’s his barrel of whiskey?”

Nice try, really. . .. I think it's a pretty good guess since St. Bernards are not only big,  they are also brown and white.  Occasionally, someone asks if he's a Bernese Mountain Dog - not an awful guess either.  

4.  “What a beautiful Dog”, “You have a Beautiful Dog”, “He’s so Handsome”. . .etc.  

Bruce Face Feet Sweet.jpg

Well, DUH? He IS a "looker"! We think so anyway - did you see his spotty legs and expressive eyes?   I say “Thank you” and smile every time – even though it’s completely NOT my doing -  he came this way.  

5.  “What breed is that?”  Usually followed by: “I’ve never seen a brown and white Newfoundland” 

His coloring is called “Landseer”.  My favorite are his spotty legs and paws.  Fun fact, some countries' dog authorities consider Landseer a separate breed from solid colored (Black or brown) Newfoundlands.

6.  “How much does he weigh?”

Walkin' On Sunshine!

It’s a good thing he’s not sensitive!!!  If you must know it's around 131 as of last check up. 

7.  “He must eat a LOT!”  Or” How much does he eat?” and "How can you have a big dog in an apartment?"

Sigh. . . well, he eats more than a Pomeranian, and only slightly more than our Golden did. I don’t know . .. he eats what he eats – lol!

He's fine in the apartment.  It's smaller than a suburb house, but it's not a closet.  PLUS, his bursts of energy are mostly outside.  He goes on actual walks several times a day - many of those times he plays with other dogs - that wears him out as much or more than us opening the back door for him to do his business would (I think). 

Here he getting his play on in the city: 

8.  “Is he friendly?”  This one usually means he’s about to get some lovin’, or he's about to get to talk to another dog, so it’s all good!!!  

He loves everyone.   Humans and Dogs anyway. . .if you are a pigeon or a squirrel - WATCH OUT!   He will even try to climb a tree to make sure a squirrel is in it's "place".  

9.  “Your daughter could ride on him”, “You have a small horse” or “That’s not a dog, that’s a horse”  etc. etc. etc.     

Yep, he’s big.  I guess I've seen mini-ponies that might be about his size?!?!?!?  Maybe not.  

10.  “Is he good with your daughter”  

Ummmmmmm yes.  Of course, we wouldn’t want a dog that didn’t get along with her, but truly, they love each other – it’s really cute!  

Bonus #11: "How does he do in the heat?"  and "Does he love the snow?"

He's basically wearing a HUGE FUR COAT!  No, he doesn't love the heat.  Why do you think I'm out at 6am?  He gets hot fast, but he loves being outside, so we go early or late and let him drink water or get in water.  Also. . . . every dog (with few exception) is wearing a fur coat - many just as thick as his - and they are hot in the summer too - ha! 

Yes, he loves the snow! 

Even though he puts his WHOLE FACE in the water bowl - instead of just his tongue like other dogs. . . and DRENCHES the floor,, and he “Talks” more than we are used to and. . .  . . .he MAY have eaten some toys that didn't belong to him, but he gives great snuggles, he loves to play, he's super funny & goofy. . . . we love him!

Happy Bruceiversary #SirBruceofChicago!