Confidence From Curls - Inspired by an "I Feel Pretty" Link Up

While reading about Spring Trends (which I may or may not be able to pull off), I came across a link up.  .. an "I Feel Pretty Link Up" on Get Your Pretty On.

It’s the day of the week at GYPO where we celebrate what makes us feel pretty. Whether it’s a new outfit, hairstyle, or makeup, the I Feel Pretty link up is about anything and everything that makes your life prettier. 

My first thought was, OMG, such timing, I curled my hair today and that's making my life prettier today!  My second thought was, I wish I didn't have to feel pretty to feel confident and to feel good for the day. Thought three, oh well. . .  today it worked; I'll take it!

Sometimes making yourself feel good on the outside allows you to show off what feels good, or what you know is good on the inside. 

In a perfect world we might be able to say it doesn't matter what you look like, and that doesn't solve anything. . . . . . but. . .. let's be real.. . .

Of course, grabbing my curling iron and throwing in some hair-twirls didn't solve any "real" problems or ease any "True" worries in my life.  It also didn't decrease the bags under my tired eyes, or make me look healthy and svelte.  It didn't even ease my sore back from squeezing into a twin bed with our little one last night. .  ., but for whatever reason. . . . today. . . the curls - plus one of my current favorite necklaces from Kendra Scott) made me feel more pretty, more confident - yay!  

I'll take pieces of happy where ever I can find them! 

SO, what makes your life prettier?  What makes  you feel pretty?  Today or any day.  

Check out the link up and Get Your Pretty On site.  This week it's in her "7 Simple Spring Swaps + Spring Challenge Giveaway" post (March 22, 2017), or click on the image below for more: